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Selective Consumption Drives Behavior

Consumers Choosing When and Where to Interact with Brands.

Selective consumption is the basic principle behind Inbound Marketing, the philosophy made popular by HubSpot. In essence, consumers are tuning out traditional, interruption-based marketing methods, and choosing when and where to interact with brands. People conduct billions of Internet searches each month, download case studies and eBooks, opt into email newsletters, watch online videos, listen to podcasts, follow brands on social networks, join online communities, post reviews and read blogs.

As a result, savvy B2B and B2C businesses are shifting budgets away from outbound, interruption-based marketing (i.e. print advertising, outdoor, cold calling, etc.) toward more measureable and effective inbound marketing strategies (i.e. content marketing, social media, etc.) that cater to consumer needs.

Smart businesses who understand this fundamental shift in consumer behavior towards selective consumption are adding and integrating content, search, social, mobile, local, PR, email marketing, digital advertising and analytics into their overall marketing mix.

A Different Way to Think About Marketing

We Help Businesses Grow With Strategy, Content and Inbound.

Rather than push unwanted marketing messages on a broad, untargeted audience, PWG Marketing creates a powerful online presence that works to attract a more targeted audience toward your company, products and services.

1. Marketing Strategy

    An effective marketing strategy must be in place before tactics make sense. If you take the time to put strategy before tactics, marketing your business will become a whole lot easier.

2. Content Marketing

    Marketing today means you’ve got to commit to making content production part of your overall strategy. By creating high-quality, remarkable content tailored to your specific audience, you can appeal to their interests and help solve their problems.

3. Inbound Marketing

    Outbound marketing tactics don’t perform like they used to. It’s time for a more targeted approach, one that leads the right buyers to your business at exactly the right time. Let our team of inbound marketing experts help you navigate your business through this new digital landscape.

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