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This is the second post in the series. buy Latuda online without dr approval

Over the next several posts, I’ll be detailing four marketing pillars that matter most in the New Economy. I’ve given my “Four Pillars” presentation numerous times over the past two months and, more than ever, believe that NOW is the time to start planning for the New Economy. I still find so many small businesses content to just maneuver through 2010. For those who want more than just to ‘get by’, this is an excellent time to craft a 12-to 24-month get-out-front-of-competitors marketing strategy. The following four pillars provide a framework for developing such a strategy.

Pillar I. Strategy Before Tactics

I’ve been in the marketing field for over 14 years and one of the things I’ve noticed is that marketing, because it can be such a broad, intangible concept, is hard for many small businesses to get their arms around. Most SMBs want to immediately go straight to promotional tactics (i.e. brochures, websites, social media, etc) and, in doing so, often fall prey to an unsystematic, tactical “marketing idea of the week” approach because they have no marketing strategy to anchor decisions and activities. If I could change anything about the way business owners view marketing – this would be it.

The first marketing pillar that will matter most in the New Economy is Strategy Before Tactics. By strategy I mean your marketing reason for being (and I don’t mean to exchange money for something). Far too many businesses think “we want to sell lots of stuff to lots of people” is a strategy. What do you want your market to know about you, what do you want them to believe, what do want them to feel, experience, think, when they consider what you are about – that’s what comes from strategy and that’s what gets you out of the commodity business.

Create a strategy for your marketing for your business and then put every tactic into making that strategy real. I guarantee that if you take the time to put strategy before tactics, marketing your business will become a whole lot easier.

Let’s talk about two foundational elements that are essential in the New Economy: 1) Defining and dominating a narrow market niche and 2) Becoming famous for doing one thing better than anyone else.

1) Defining and dominating a narrow market niche

Trying to be “all things to all people” doesn’t work in the New Economy (if it ever really worked). Many businesses only have a vague idea about the identity and location of their core audience. If you don’t know who your customers are, how can you possibly market to them? It’s O.K. to have several audiences, just make sure that you develop respective marketing tactics for each. Basing your work on specific buyer profiles/personas prevents you from sitting on your butt in your comfortable office just making stuff up, which is the cause of most ineffective marketing.

Discovering your Ideal Client and then building products, services, messages, processes and content that give those clients what they want should be the basic premise of all your marketing activities. This new-found discovery holds the opportunity to deliver a level of focus that may not have existed back in the days when your target market was roughly defined as anyone with money. Focusing your marketing on a more narrowly defined Ideal Client is the absolute best way to grow your business.

2) Becoming famous for doing one thing better than anyone else

File this under “differentiate or die.” Before any tactical activities will really have any impact on a business, you’ve got to uncover and communicate how your business is different from every other business that says they do what you do. You’ve got to get out of the commodity business. You’ve got to stake your claim on a simple idea or position in the mind of your prospective clients.

Positioning statements force businesses to have a laser focus around who their product is for, what problem it’s solving, what the breakthrough capability is, and what the leading competitive alternative is. Forcing yourself to narrow the focus with the positioning statement helps avoid wishy-washy schizophrenic marketing in the New Economy.

When you combine a narrow market focus with a clear, unique, talk-able position, you have the beginnings of a solid marketing foundation that will act as an anchor for all future activities and decisions.

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buy Latuda online without dr approval

Great article by Paula Andruss on Duct Tape Marketing in the October 2010 issue of buy Latuda 40mg.

In this 4-page article, can i buy Latuda online, founder of small business marketing mainstay Duct Tape Marketing, shares advise on how to get marketing messages to stick. John also covers direct mail, targeting and segmentation, and integrating traditional marketing channels with digital tools.

[column span=”10″]

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read this quick, simple and practical article.
Click on the image above to read the entire article.

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Latuda buy online australia

TOLEDO, OH (October 25, 2010) – buy Latuda 80mg uk, order Latuda overnight in Perrysburg, Ohio, announces partnership with buy Latuda australia, a leading full-service mobile marketing service provider based in Michigan.

“To say that I’m honored to be partnering with 3rd Screen Gurus is an understatement,” says Patrick Giammarco. “People are increasingly mobile, so marketing messages need to be as well. The purchase Latuda online offered by 3rd Screen Gurus provide opportunities for more effective engagement, retention and referral campaigns for targeted audiences.”

“3rd Screen Gurus is very excited to be partnering with Patrick Giammarco and PWG Marketing,” says Jeremy Schultz, owner of 3rd Screen Gurus. “Patrick’s ability to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns, through the proven principles of the Duct Tape Marketing System, is exciting for any business looking to improve their message. PWG Marketing is establishing itself as true industry leader and we are proud to be associated with them.”

The partnership allows Giammarco the ability to offer and implement 3rd Screen Gurus’ platforms, including the 3SG Messenger Platform, 3SG Text Reminder System and 3SG Dealership Platform, as well as order Latuda online overnight

About PWG Marketing

PWG Marketing is a can you buy Latuda online firm bringing focus, control, clarity and confidence back to small business marketing by installing the Duct Tape Marketing System. Based in Perrysburg, OH, PWG small business marketing can be found at buy Latuda cod.

About 3rd Screen Gurus

3rd Screen Gurus is a leading buy Latuda online us. Their industry-leading platforms allow for simple, effective and powerful deployment of mobile marketing campaigns over the SMS channel or mobile-optimized web sites. For a complimentary consultation on how to integrate mobile into your marketing mix, visit buy Latuda online uk.

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buy Latuda canada

Over the next several posts, I’ll be detailing four marketing pillars that matter most in the New Economy. I’ve given my “Four Pillars” presentation numerous times over the past two months and, more than ever, believe that NOW is the time to start planning for the New Economy. I still find so many small businesses content to just maneuver through 2010. For those who want more than just to ‘get by’, this is an excellent time to craft a 12-to 24-month get-out-front-of-competitors marketing strategy. The following four pillars provide a framework for developing such a strategy.

Before I dive into my four pillars, I want to give you the buy Latuda online usa definition of marketing. For most of you, it’s a new definition; one that I think is appropriate for the New Economy. It simplifies marketing and frames what I’m going to detail in this Four Pillars series.

Ready? Here it is… Marketing is getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you. It’s really that simple. That’s what we’re trying to do, right?

One of the things I want you to understand is, unless you’ve got millions of dollars to spend on advertising, and can buy know, like and trust you, you have to adopt very systematic, a very consistent and a very repetitive approach to getting people to know, like and trust you.

Four Pillars Overview
There are many components to any solid marketing strategy. For a buy Latuda 40 mg, four components, or pillars, matter most.

I. Strategy before tactics – Making sure the products you offer and the messages you use to offer those products, are relevant is of paramount importance in the New Economy. In order to do that, you have to identify and understand your Ideal Client at a deep level and understand and communicate what makes your product or service different from all the others.
II. Educate and inform; don’t sell – One of the new realities is that consumers are more concerned with value than ever. Businesses have to work hard to give consumers better reasons to buy their product or service. You may be tired of hearing it, but content is the gold standard for building trust, for building awareness, for being found. Content is no longer simply a sales brochure. In this Pillar, I’ll present the concept of the Marketing Hourglass to help you identify where you are not providing customers appropriate content, products and services to move them along the buying process.
III. Build a referral system – In the New Economy, it’s critical for the customer experience inside your business — every contact with a customer, every touch with a customer — is a positive one, is a remarkable one. If you do that, you’d never have to lead generate (in the traditional sense) again.
IV. Harness the Internet – The Internet is a critical tool for small businesses in the New Economy. Of course, we’re going to talk about Social Media, How can we not. I think a lot of people look at Facebook and Twitter and all the social networking tools that we have as these ways to have access to two and three and four hundred million new prospects. And I actually think that we ought to look at these tools as a way to create deeper engagement and deeper relationships, faster with the 10, 20, 30 customers or targeted prospects that we need to do business with. We’ll also touch on one of my favorite ways to get found online more easily for people who are searching for what you have to offer.

I’ll provide a much deeper dive into my Four Pillars over the next few days.

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