7 Steps for Small Business Marketing SuccessSmall business marketing consultant Patrick Giammarco, announced today he will host a free Webinar titled 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success on Tuesday, August 30 from 11 am-12 noon ET.

Giammarco, a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, has consistently delivered real-world small business marketing ideas and proven strategies. The Duct Tape Marketing system, created by John Jantsch, is known to be the “World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing System.”

“I truly believe that marketing is not only a system, it may be the most important system in any business,” said Giammarco. “Too many businesses fall into the chaotic cycle of producing the ‘marketing idea of the week’ and miss an opportunity to product significant and sustainable marketing results using systems and services like ppc agency can help a lot in this area. This Webinar is aimed at providing a step-by-step guide for small business marketing success.”

Giammarco will present the 7 Steps to Small Business Success during a free, 60-minute Webinar tailored for small businesses, on Tuesday, August 30 from 11 am-12 noon ET.

Attendees of this Webinar will learn how to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that creates momentum
  • Narrow your marketing focus to capture ideal customers
  • Create content and marketing materials that educate
  • Generate leads from multiple sources
  • Live by the marketing calendar and learn how to manage the payroll

To register for the free Webinar, click below.

Everyone that signs up will also receive a bonus gift valued at $250.