Local SEO expert, Patrick Giammarco, will host a free Webinar titled Winning the Local Search Game on Thursday, June 11, 2015 from 12-1 pm EDT.

The Webinar is intended to teach a handful of local marketing practices that businesses must embrace and master in order to dominate their business category locally.

To register, visit www.pwgmarketing.com/winning-the-local-search-game.

When asked to comment on the importance of increasing search rank for businesses, Giammarco commented, “Local SEO isn’t an option anymore. Every month, 59% of consumers use Google to find a reputable local business. If they’re not able to find you online, you don’t exist. It’s as simple as that,” he added. “Increase your search rank. Increase your revenue.” When looking how to earn some extra money with some smart business, read this post on How to find the right hustle that will suit yourself.

This fast-paced session will cover some of the most pressing topics in local search:

  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Why now is a great time to improve your local results
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]Why content is key for local SEO
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]How to figure out why your competitors outrank you
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]How to get serious about online reviews
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]The importance of something called citations
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]How to clean up data that’s likely killing your search results
  • [icon type=”angle-double-right” class=”fa-li accent”]The best way to get the links Google likes most

Are you looking to get found online at the exact moment someone is looking for you? Join Patrick Giammarco June 11, 2015 for his free Winning the Local Search Game Webinar.

Giammarco, owner of Inbound Marketing agency PWG Marketing and Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, has delivered marketing strategy, content and inbound marketing services to small and medium businesses around the world since 2008.

A hybrid marketing agency, PWG Marketing is on a mission to replace annoying, interruptive marketing with marketing that people love. Powered by Duct Tape Marketing and HubSpot, PWG Marketing develops integrated inbound marketing campaigns that include: strategy, branding, content publishing, public relations, social media, SEO, website development, email marketing, lead nurturing and analytics. Visit www.pwgmarketing.com for additional information.

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