Google™ Will Begin Penalizing Websites Which Don’t Pass This Simple Test

On April 21, 2015, Google™ will be making a major update to mobile search, which will reward websites that are mobile-friendly–and punish those that aren’t.

Mobile visitors are an ever more significant part of most websites’ traffic, often overtaking traffic from traditional desktop devices. After the frustration of WAP and other dedicated mobile systems, ‘pinch & zoom’ made websites seem amazingly navigable on smartphones using the best mobile plans. But they are far from ideal: finding and accessing content is slow and often frustrating. It’s time we make the move from mobile-tolerable websites to websites that are truly mobile-friendly.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

You can easily find out whether your website meets Google’s mobile-friendly criteria using two free tools: Google’s quick mobile-friendly test tool provides results for one page at a time. Use this as an initial test and to check whether a particular page is recognized as mobile friendly by Google’s search engine.

The more extensive (and free) Webmaster Tools2 service provides a wealth of information about the health of your site within Google’s search system. Look for the ‘mobile usability’ report (in the Search Traffic menu) that identifies pages on your website that Google has not been able to score as ‘mobile-friendly’. The report will provide specific feedback for those pages to help you complete your mobile-friendly transition. If your site fails these tests, it is in your best interests to invest some effort into making your website mobile-friendly.

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