Inbound Marketing: A Proven Methodology for the Digital Age

Marketing and building a brand has evolved significantly since the advent of the Internet. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and flyers in the mail; replaced with pop-up ads, email lists, and social media accounts. In today’s world, having an online presence has become a fundamental part of the continued success and growth of a business.

This is largely due to the shift away from “outbound” marketing, where businesses would actively advertise their products to the public. It would usually involve activities such as putting together TV commercials, distributing print advertisements and old-school cold calling. In the past businesses could rely solely on using this type of marketing to get their products out there, but that’s not the case today.

Today, consumers are tuning out traditional, interruption-based marketing methods and choosing when and where to interact with your brand and services. They conduct billions of Internet searches each month, download case studies and eBooks, opt into email newsletters, watch online videos, listen to podcasts, follow brands on social networks, join online communities, post reviews and read blogs.

As a result, savvy businesses are shifting budgets away from outbound, interruption-based marketing toward more measureable and effective inbound marketing strategies that cater to this change in consumer behavior.

Businesses who understand this fundamental shift in consumer behavior towards “selective consumption” are adding and integrating content, search, social, mobile, local, PR, email marketing, digital advertising and analytics into their overall marketing mix. The inbound marketing approach ensures that businesses create and deliver content to the right people (your buyer personas) in the right places (channels) at just the right times (lifecycle stages).

Your Customers Choose When and Where to Interact with You

The Internet has empowered consumers to find information themselves. This is where “inbound” marketing has its impact. By having an appropriate online presence, business are putting themselves in a position to access this new stream of customers that they otherwise would have missed out on. When someone does a search online you want your business to be right there at the top of the list, where you’re more likely to get their attention.

They Also Talk About You

Social media is also playing a remarkable role in online marketing. Almost everyone has multiple social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any number of other platforms. This means there is a never-before-seen opportunity to access a huge number of customers. It also means their interactions with businesses are becoming a two-way street, where access is no longer limited to store opening hours. By linking social media to your website as part of an overall marketing strategy, and leveraging your existing reputation with clients, the sky really is the limit.

The other big advantages of online marketing are the costs. The investment necessary to get your message out there using traditional methods can be enormous, and the cost of building an online presence really does pale in comparison.

Is it Time for You to Be More Digital?

Often businesses, particularly those that have only existed in a brick and mortar form, are hesitant to branch out into the realm of online marketing. It can be a confusing and strange new venture. But can you really afford not to jump on this opportunity to really accelerate your growth? With the right support and a strong plan in place, building yourself an online presence is sure to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your business.

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