In today’s business world, search engine optimization is critical in ensuring that your content get found, read and shared by as many people as possible to expand word of mouth of your business and services.

There are three pillars of SEO and none can stand without the help of the other two, as all three are dependent upon each other. The three pillars of SEO that matter most in modern marketing are: 1) content strategy, 2) inbound links and 3) social media.

Content Strategy

The first step is to have well-written content that is interesting and relevant to your audience. Then, you have to make sure people see that content by matching what users are seeking by optimizing the use of keyword research in your text. If you are posting content to your website about a new material your company uses to shingle houses, be sure to include as many words related to construction and home maintenance as possible. Optimizing the users’ keywords in your content (even in the page and blog titles, initial paragraphs and photo captions) will optimize your content and ensure awareness of your brand. Remember, you’re drawing readers to your content like flowers attract bees.

Inbound Links

Building links is another form of SEO best tactics. Using hyperlinks from other websites is a good way to steer traffic toward your company’s content and attract external users. The number and quality of the inbound links are important factors when it comes to organic search-ranking algorithms. This can be a time-consuming process in which high-quality links from credible sources are more valued than just playing the numbers game. Over time, the goal is to have other websites recognize the expertise in your content and provide inbound links to your materials as well.

Social Media

It has taken a while for SEO purists to get on board with social media, but its value to marketing in 2014 and beyond cannot be overstated. For instance, hashtags are basically hyperlinked keywords if used correctly. Not only is social media a way to drive traffic to your website, but it provides companies an additional tool to interact with customers as well as potential customers, which can be a key factor in building trust with your clientele. Sharing content through social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is a great way to get the word out about your business and services; however, it is important to not negate the social aspect of social media. The tools are best used as a way to interact with people and not just another way to share a link. Be engaged with your audience and build relationships through these innovative communications tools.

To attract as many people as possible to your website, embrace search engine optimization. Provide interesting content your potential and existing clients are looking for, expand on that content with credible and relevant links to additional materials and use social media to promote and engage the public.

Embracing all three pillars of SEO is of utmost importance for optimizing your modern marketing strategy, and it will enhance the profile of your business.

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